Our Mission

“ Success is not an accident. It is hard work, preservice, learning, studying, sacrifice and love of what you are doing or learning to do”

Start Strong with Tarjome 

At Tarjome we show the path way on how to become a regulated interpreter.

Tarjome is an independent workshop which helps the prospective interpreters by providing an opportunity to practice more focused in their interpretation skills before becoming a regulated interpreter. We assist interpreters to work more successfully in their work settings once they become licensed. We provide Community Interpreter Workshop and other advanced licensing workshops for interpreters..

Our training programs include various self-study tools and practice resources...

  • Including lab practice and class interaction and role play practice.
  • At Tarjome we believe in performing the highest quality of training.
  • Our small size classes will provide you with the most you can gain.
  • Our class schedules vary from day to night or weekend classes.
  • Classes provides you with variety of options in timing
  • We provide fast and accurate translation services to you with very fair prices.
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